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The Spiritist Society of Palm Beach was founded in 1992. Its main objectives and characteristics are the following:

The constant study, practice and dissemination of the books compiled by Allan Kardec and other additional Spiritist works organized under all three aspects of Spiritism, the religious, scientific and philosophic.
To disseminate among all men the necessity of an inner transformation under the guidance of Spiritist knowledge as a path to the conquest of Peace and Happiness..
To promote groups of study, courses and seminars envisioning the dissemiantion of Spiritism, peace and love.
To educate new generations utilizing the methods revealed by Christian-Spiritist teachings.

We see mediumship as a blessed faculty that is to be utilized in a responsible and charitable manner. 
The medium as an individual who needs to seriously prepare him/her self if interested in working with this faculty.

 We do not base our activities in teachings of any one institution, spiritual guide, medium, book, or person, but observe and study various sources of informations as to direct and develop our operations.

Although Spiritism is a Christian based doctrine, we concentrate our studies in the moral teachings of Jesus contained in the Gospel According to Spiritism.

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Spiritist Society of Palm Beach
Spiritist Society of Palm Beach
23122-B Sandalfoot Plaza Drive, Boca Raton, FL - 33428​